Jenkins Plugin

Instructions to install the plugin:

1 - Download file codacy-plugin-jenkins.hpi (see attachment at the bottom of the page)
2 - From the Jenkins Dashboard, go to Manage Jenkins > Manage Plugins
3 - In the Advanced tab, under Upload Plugin, click Choose File
4 - Navigate to the plugin .hpi file and select it.
5 - Click Upload
6 - Restart Jenkins

In your project Settings, you can now see a new "Codacy configuration” section. Below are the instructions to configure the Codacy integration:

1 - Fill the API Token (not the project token), Organization name and Project name. The API Token can be generated in your Codacy Account, under the “API Token” tab.
2 - Add a new build step named “Check Codacy Results”
3 - Configure the new build step to break the build with the desired conditions. In this case, you probably want to fill the project grade with “A” and the project coverage with 80.
4- Click save

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