Issue View


1. Issues Levels


  • Info - The lowest issue type will appear as blue; documentation and some code style are shown this way;
  • Warning - This issue type will appear as yellow. You should be careful with these ones, they are based on code standards and conventions;
  • Error - The more dangerous types of issues will show as red. Take your time to fix these, although the code may run, these issues show code that is very susceptible to problems. These errors are bug prone, and/or can have serious problems regarding security and compatibility.


2. Ignore Issue / Remove Pattern


You can fully customize Codacy to match your expectations. For an issue you disagree with, you can either ignore that issue or disable the pattern on your whole project by opening the issue, clicking Options and selecting the appropriate one.

For more information on how to enable/disable patterns check the guide on Code Patterns.


3. Ignore File


You can choose which files you don't want to be analysed. You can ignore all issues in a file disable its analysis by selecting Ignore File. This will delete all the issues found in the file and exclude it from subsequent analyses. You can manage all the ignored files of your project in Settings -> Ignore Files.


4. Create a Comment (GitHub)


You can comment the code on our website, and it will be live in your repository at GitHub!
For GitHub integration and usage of this feature, please refer to GitHub Integration.

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