Configuring GitHub Enterprise with Codacy Self-hosted

Configuring GitHub Enterprise allows you to easily add GitHub repositories to your Codacy Self-hosted installation.

Follow the instructions below to set up the Codacy integration with GitHub Enterprise:

  1. Follow the instructions on creating and configuring a GitHub App.
  2. On Codacy, open Admin, Integrations, and select GitHub Enterprise.GitHub Enterprise integration
  3. Configure the GitHub Enterprise integration as follows:


    URL of the GitHub Enterprise instance, specifying the HTTP protocol:

    • https://<github enterprise hostname>
    • http://<github enterprise hostname>


    Port of the GitHub Enterprise instance.

    If empty, Codacy will use the default port.

    Using private mode?

    Enable the check box if your GitHub Enterprise is configured to use private mode.

    Client ID

    Client ID generated when you created the GitHub App.

    Client Secret

    Client Secret generated when you created the GitHub App.

  4. Click Test & Save to validate and save the integration with GitHub Enterprise.
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