Configuring Bitbucket Server (form. Stash) with Codacy Enterprise






Url [required]

The URL where the Stash application is deployed.

Should contain:

  • Protocol (ex: http, https)
  • Port (if other than 80) (ex: 9000)

Project Keys [required]

The project from Stash that you want to use to retrieve repositories from.



To setup Stash you need to create an application link on your Stash installation.
To start you can click on here and go to the application links list.

Application Url

This is your Codacy installation url.


Application Name

You can choose the name (ex: Codacy)

Application Type

The application type is Generic Application

The rest of the configuration should be left blank. And the link should be created. 

After the link is created, edit it to add an incoming connection.

Add incoming connection

Consumer Key

This value should be copied from field "Client ID" in the Codacy setup page.

Consumer Name

You can choose the name (ex: Codacy).

Public Key

This value should be copied from the field "Client Secret" in Codacy setup page.

The rest of the fields can be left blank.

After the application link is created you will be able to add Bitbucket Server as an integration in the project settings.


NOTE: Please, make sure that Bitbucket has SSH enabled so we can access your repositories source code.


Pull request comments

To enable comments on your pull requests you have to add the Stash integration to each of your projects.

After you add a project on Codacy go to Settings -> Integrations and add Stash. Then click on the checkbox to enable the pull request comments.

Below is an example of Codacy comments you will see:



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