After adding a project, you may want to enable HipChat integration to receive issue notifications.

To do so, navigate to your Project Settings, and select the tab Integrations. The HipChat integration can be installed with one click. After being installed in a project, it will have to be configured to access your HipChat installation:

Enabling HipChat integration


After configuring your HipChat integration with your server settings, Codacy will start commenting on HipChat whenever it finds new issues.


HipChat configuration



Room name

The name of the room where the notifications will be sent

Room token

To create your room token, access your HipChat room list , click on the desired room and select "Tokens" from the left menu.

HipChat room token


Please note that only the room owner has permissions to create room tokens.


After filling both fields, click the Save button and everything should be setup correctly.
You can use the Test button to send a test notification to your HipChat room.

Whenever new results are found in the project, a commit message will be sent to the specified room:

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