Creating your own code patterns

Creating a code pattern

Note: this feature is currently available for Scala only.



Next type a test source code (in the selected language) in the text field below 'Text source'.
If your source code is valid you will see a notification below indicating a successfully generated AST.



To view the generated AST click on 'View AST'. The AST will be shown instead of the test source.



Switch back to the source view by clicking on 'View source' and continue by writing your pattern code in the 'Pattern code' textbox. Once you are finished you will see the results indicated on the left side of the text source box next to the line number.



Save as a Gist

To save your pattern (together with the test source) click on 'Save'. In the presented dialog choose a name and click on 'Save pattern'. If successful, you will see the given name in the header.


Open a pattern

To work on a previously saved pattern click on open and choose a pattern from the drop-down.

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