Personal Dashboard - How does it work?

On your Personal Dashboard, you can see an overview of all the repositories and pull requests you are involved with under a specific Organization. This way, you have a quick way to see all the pending work you have for a specific Organization.


How does it look?

On the Personal Dashboard you can quickly see the Organization selected on the top navigation bar, but also on the title of the Dashboard - where you have the name of the "Organization / Your name". You will also be able to see 3 different sections: 1 Last updated repositories, 2 Pull requests and 3 Hotspots.



How can I access the Personal Dashboard?

You can access the Personal Dashboard by going to a specific Organization and clicking "Personal" on the left navigation sidebar.


What are the functionalities available?

1. Last updated repositories

Here you can check the 3 most recent updated repositories. The repository card displays the repository grade, the last update date and the score in each criterion. If you click "See all repositories" you will go the Repositories list.



2. Pull requests

Here you can find the list of open pull requests by you, their status (Up to standards, Not up to standards, Analysis failed or in case we are still analyzing we display it as "Analysing") - if they are ready to be merged, or if they need fixes. In case they do we will let you know why the pull request is not up to standards in detail.


By clicking in "merge" you are directed to the Git provider to merge the pull request. By clicking in "fix" you are directed to the pull request page in Codacy so that you can see in more detail what happened.



3. Hotspots

You have a section of relevant items that require attention from you. On this section you can see a set of attention points, you can click on them or dismiss them, in case you don't feel they are relevant. We have created a full article on this so that you can learn more about it.


We would love your feedback, in case you want to let us know what you think about the Personal Dashboard, how it could be improved, etc feel free to reach out or leave a comment!





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