Ignore files from Codacy analysis

In some situations, you may want to exclude files from Codacy's analyses and there are few ways you can achieve this.

Repository Settings

You can exclude files from your repository analysis on your Repository Settings -> Ignored files and select the files you want to ignore. This view only shows the files on your main branch.




Codacy configuration file

If you want to ignore files in a certain category (duplication, metrics or coverage) or in a specific tool (e.g. rubocop), you can create a file similar to the one below and add it to the root of the repository with the files you want to ignore. This will ignore files in all branches

The file name must be ".codacy.yaml" or ".codacy.yml".

enabled: true exclude_paths: - config/engines.yml duplication:
enabled: true exclude_paths: - config/engines.yml metric:
enabled: true exclude_paths: - config/engines.yml coverage:
enabled: true exclude_paths: - config/engines.yml languages: css: extensions: - '-css.resource' exclude_paths: - '.bundle/**' - 'spec/**/*' - 'benchmarks/**/*' - '*.min.js'
- '**/tests/**'
If you wish to, you should use the following syntax:
'**.extension' ignores all files with the same extension across all your repository
'test/*' ignores all files in the root of test
'test/**' ignores everything inside test
'test/**/*' ignores all files inside sub-folder of test
'**/*.resource' Ignores all .resource in all folders and sub-folders

Please note that if the Codacy configuration file exists in the repo and if you have 'exclude paths' the settings defined in the UI (shown above), will not apply.


Other considerations about ignored files

In some cases, you can also ignore some files using your own configuration files although this depends on this option being supported by the tool itself.

Also there are few files that Codacy ignores by default, matching the following regular exceptions:


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