Startup plan

We are very excited to launch a free plan for all single accounts and organizations of up to 4 users. The Startup plan lets you analyze private and public repositories for free, forever.

Here is how you sign up for this plan:

For personal accounts:

The Startup plan is automatically available for all personal accounts that have at least 1 private repository. If you are an existing Codacy user, go to the Plans and Billing section on your account and select the Startup Plan. If you are signing up for the first time, you get automatically added to the plan.

For organizations:

If your organization has 4 users or less and comprises private repositories, you qualify for the Startup plan. When you sign up, by default you get a 30-day-trial period, after which you automatically move on to the Startup plan if you qualify. If you've already completed the trial and are now on the Open Source or the Pro plan, please go to the Plans and Billing section of your organization and select the Startup Plan.

You can learn about our other plans here.


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