Configuring GitHub Cloud with Codacy Self-hosted

Configuring GitHub Cloud allows you to easily add GitHub repositories to your Self-hosted installation.

To get started, navigate to the Integrations page in the Administration view and select GitHub Cloud.


First, you'll have to create a GitHub OAuth application. Create an application here.

Fill all the fields with the text shown in the image below or use your own text except for the field Authorization callback URL, where you must insert your local Codacy deployment URL.

The URL should contain the endpoint/IP, the protocol (HTTP or HTTPS) and, if applicable, the port where it is running.





After the application is created you should copy both the Client ID and the Client Secret, paste them in the setup page of your Codacy Self-hosted, and click Test and Save.

Login to Codacy

If you only have the Github cloud integration enabled the only way you will have to login in Codacy is through Username + Password


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