Share your repository with a non-Codacy user

If you are a cloud user, you can now share your repository with a non-Codacy user, giving them access to your Repository Dashboard through a link that doesn't require a login.

You can find the option to Share in any Repository Dashboard.


Codacy will generate a link that you can copy and share anywhere. Alternatively, you can share to Twitter.


You can revoke access for shared links to your repository in the Repository Settings. Revoking a link removes access to the repository dashboard for everyone you shared the link with.

  • Revoke Access: will revoke the link you generated for that repository.
  • Revoke Access for all: an admin will revoke all links generated by anyone for that repository.


Recipients of the share through email will get the following email:


If you have any doubts or comments, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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