Creating and managing teams

Creating a team

To create a team, click on your avatar and select Organizations. Once on the Organizations page, select the organization you’d like to create the team in. Click on Create Team, fill in the Team Name field, and click on the Create Team button or hit enter.


Managing teams

In this section, you can also rename and delete teams. To rename a team, click on the edit icon Screenshot_2018-11-29_at_14.38.39.png .  To remove a team click on the delete icon Screenshot_2018-11-29_at_14.38.48.png and confirm.


Adding team members

To add team members, click on your avatar and select Organizations, then select the organization you would like to add members to. Fill in the E-mail and Team fields, then click on the Add Member button. You can add multiple addresses by separating them with a comma.


Managing team members

You can also remove team members from an organization by clicking the X found in the upper right-hand corner of their member card.


The next step is adding repositories to your team. Learn how to do that here.


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