Enterprise v2.0.371


We now have a team dedicated to language and tools improvement so we can get updates out to you faster and more often. 🎉🎉🎉

This team will also be reviewing user contributions to Codacy projects so you can expect quicker responses moving forward.

Product Enhancements

  • Removed Integration with HipChat since the tool is now obsolete
  • Keeping in line with the Git providers, Codacy will now ignore branches with names longer than 254 characters to avoid issues with analysis
  • Bitbucket integration improvement: Non-admins will no longer be able to add projects to Codacy to avoid setting up integrations that don’t work.
  • Codacy’s Coverage Reporter now supports  scrutinizer-ci and semaphoreci
  • New tools:

Bug fixes

  • Fixed bug where Pull Request page would stop responding when a big amount of issues was reported
  • Fixed bug where the Hotspots tab would keep on loading forever if the PR’s diff was to large
  • Fixed bug that was causing FindBugs to sometimes give an error when it shouldn’t
  • Fixed a bug where Complexity reported by ESlint would not be displayed correctly in the dashboard
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