What are synced organizations

With synced organizations, your Git provider organizations and members will be automatically imported into Codacy. Changes to membership will reflect on Codacy real time and you can add new repositories to Codacy in one click.


By setting up a synced organization, you are avoiding having to deal with manual team and repository management, duplicate repositories, stuck repositories created with insufficient permissions and blocked pull request status due to overriding.

Adding a synced organization

Organizations that can be added to Codacy show up on the Organizations list.


If you can't see the organization you are looking for, find out what could be the possible reasons.



You can see and manage who joined your organization on Codacy in the People section.

Settings to add people


There are different ways to control who can join your organization:

  • Allow new people to join: team members with access on the Git provider will be able to join Codacy automatically and your billing will be updated accordingly.
  • New people request to join: team members need to request access in order to be able to join Codacy. In can override this setting for organization owners.

Updates on the Git provider

In case you change your organization or repository on the Git provider, they'll be reflected on Codacy. The following cases are supported: 

  • Changing the organization name
  • Changing a repository name
  • Changing a repository visibility 

Follow our guide to add a synced organization.

Check out the roles and permission mapping from the GitHub permissions.


Synced Organizations Availability 🚧

Sync Organizations are only available for GitHub organizations. While we are working on expanding support for this feature, if you'd like to add repositories from another provider, follow the steps for adding a repository through the manual wizard.

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