Enterprise v2.0.341

These updates won’t be available if you are still using Codacy Legacy version. If you want to update Codacy to the newest version, please contact us at support@codacy.com, and we will schedule a call to assist you with the migration. Below is the list of enhancements and bug fixes available with this update.

Note: All tools Codacy runs are now containerized in preparation for our CLI release. When you update Codacy to the newest version, the tools will need to be downloaded, which may cause the update to take longer than usual.

Product Enhancements:

  • Created default patterns for PMD JS. PMD will now also analyze Javascript files by default
  • Added ability to filter the list of projects by Team.
  • Improved logs error messages when uploading the API endpoints results for CLI
  • We have updated the following tools to newer versions:
  • And added the below new tools:

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed an issue that prevented the "Add project" view from loading at times.
  • Added additional information to the new badges to maintain compatibility with shields.io badges.
  • Fixed the bug that prevented projects from being added due to timeout when creating git hooks
  • Fixed the bug that prevented projects from analyzing when a file had too long text lines
  • Fixed a bug that prevented comments from getting created in the git provider
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