Create and configure a new GitHub App for GitHub Enterprise

You must create and correctly set up a GitHub App to allow Codacy to integrate with GitHub Enterprise.

Creating a new GitHub App

To create the GitHub App:

  1.  Open https://<github hostname>/settings/apps/new, where <github hostname> is the hostname of your GitHub Enterprise instance.
  2. Configure the new GitHub App using the values listed in the table below, replacing <codacy hostname> with the hostname of your Codacy instance.


Field Value
GitHub App name Codacy
Homepage URL
User authorization callback URL
Webhook URL
Repository permissions  
Administration Read & Write
Checks Read & Write
Issues Read & Write
Metadata Read Only
Pull requests Read & Write
Webhooks Read & Write
Commit statuses Read & Write
Organization permissions  
Members Read Only
Webhooks Read & Write
User permissions  
Email addresses Read Only
Git SSH keys Read & Write
Where can this GitHub App be installed?

Any account


Configuring the new GitHub App

After creating the GitHub App, you must configure the name of the created app in Codacy's configuration panel available at <codacy hostname>:9000, where <codacy hostname> is the hostname of your Codacy instance.


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