Enterprise v2.0.362

These updates won’t be available if you are still using Codacy Legacy version. If you want to update Codacy to the newest version, please contact us at support@codacy.com, and we will schedule a call to assist you with the migration. Below is the list of enhancements and bug fixes available with this update.


Product Enhancements

  • We now support Crystal language using Ameba
  • As a way to improve performance we’ve implemented an upper bound limit for file sizes that should be considered for analysis of 150 kb. This means that:
    • Some projects that weren’t analysing before will now be able to analyse
    • Some projects will take less time to analyse
    • Some projects will have less issues as third party libraries issues covered by this limit will not show
    • Some projects will have more issues because the analysis batch in which they are inserted will not fail
    • These files will not show in the UI as ignored
    • Although most of the files that are now being ignored will be third-party dependencies and generated files, there is still the chance that some files that are actually development code and should be analysed won’t be. If you have any files over this limit and consider necessary to analyze them, please reach out to support@codacy.com
  • Another measure taken to improve performance was to remove the ability to add projects using Git url, however, any projects that were manually added prior to this release should continue to analyse as usual
  • We added several additional configurable options to the control panel, so Codacy can be more easily adaptable to specific use cases:
    • Public monitoring: you can now give Crow visibility to all users, instead of only Codacy Admins. This can be configured through the Control Panel -> Configure -> Monitoring
    • Polling time; analysis inactivity timeout and Analysis tool timeout are now configurable values on the Control Panel: this may be useful, particularly if you have very large projects that take a long time to analyse, which may cause some tools to time out. If you’re experiencing any troubles with your analysis, you should reach out to support@codacy.com and we’ll assist with any necessary changes;


Bug fixes

  • Fixed a bug that was showing non-existent Stylelint patterns in the UI
  • Fixed a bug where the default patterns 'Active' filter wasn’t working in the Admin view
  • Fixed a bug where the “Unignore issue” button wasn’t working
  • Fixed a bug related with duplicated ignored files which was slowing down the start of the analysis
  • Fixed a bug where Codacy was making inconsistent comments to Gitlab, as in some occasions this would show as a list of issues and in other situations there would be comments in the actual line of code
  • Fixed a bug that prevented users to save changes in project Settings when using Firefox 61
  • Fixed a bug in the project dashboard that where the link to “See all issues” was broken
  • Fixed a bug in Admin settings where the option to "Allow all users to add projects" behaviour was reversed
  • Fixed a bug with analysis priorities that caused some projects ending up with negative priorities
  • Fixed a bug with Cppcheck that was causing some analysis to fail, by adding a multithreaded flag to disable `unusedFunction` checking
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