How do I set Codacy as a required check to merge my PRs?

Codacy will check each of your Pull Requests using your quality settings, sending a notification to the Git provider informing if the PR is up to standards or not.

Each of the Git Providers have different options regarding what can be done with this notification that you can set up to make sure you get a notification if the PR fails Codacy checks or block it from being merged. 


Github allows for a specific check to be mandatory for a PR to be merged. This allows our users to make sure that a PR is only merged when it gets an Ok from Codacy.

Official Documentation:


Bitbucket does not allow for a specific check to be required before merge, but instead, for a minimum number of checks to be performed successfully before the PR can be merged. This number can be zero, all the checks being run in the PR or a number in between. Some of these options are only available for certain pricing plans in Bitbucket    

Official Documentation:

GitLab (Enterprise only)

Gitlab does not support yet a way to block the PR from being merged, but their documentation states that this is a work in progress

Official Documentation:

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