File size limitation

Codacy Cloud file size limitation

Codacy cloud currently does not analyze files that are above 150 KB in size. Larger files are not taken into account when grading your repository or displayed on Codacy.

Why is there a limit?

As part of our performance improvement measures, we spent time breaking down our total time it takes to analyze a file and found that a large percentage was focused on files that did not add value to our users. Those files tend to be the biggest in the repository and mostly generated by or dependent on a third-party. It increased analysis time significantly due to the file size and even resulted in time-outs at some point, preventing the real issues from being flagged. 

As a solution to this problem, we placed a size limit to the files that Codacy would analyze. This decreased the average analysis time and the number of timeouts hence improving overall performance for our users.

What if I really need a file analyzed that is over this limit

While Codacy will discard your file by default, you can still have it analyzed using our CLI and running the analysis locally. CLI does not have a set timeout or any limitation on file size, so you will be able to have your files analyzed this way.

What about Self-hosted instances:

By default, Codacy Self-hosted has the same limit of 150 KB as our Cloud version but it’s configurable because the resource allocation for on-premise instances is left up to each organization.

The change can be done on the Configuration panel:


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